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Our Bakery

The foundation and success of DeSimone can be traced back directly to our famous bread.  Customers have long complimented it as one of the best they have ever tasted.  To describe it, is to start with its wonderful thin crust, and the soft, tasty center.  The recipe is a secret from the days of baking bread in New York City many decades ago.  The recipe has been perfected over the years and our bread is still handmade every night in our own bakery.

Many restaurants in Orange County serve our delicious bread in their own sandwiches or as a compliment to some of the finest dishes created.   It is simply served sliced warm with butter or made into an incredible garlic bread.

If you are a Restaurant or Grocer in the Orange County area and would like a sample to see how this bread can compliment and highlight your menu or store, please contact us via email using the link below.

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